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Bonne Esperance Refugee Shelter for Women & Childr
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Nzwaki Qege- Mshengu or Jean-Jacques Nsomwe 0216918664
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Bonne Esperance is a home for newly arrived refugee women and children (girls and boys aged 12 and under) in Cape Town. The project prepares the women for social integration into South Africa and ensures that the children are integrated into the school system. Women and children are included in a database when they arrive and an assessment is done on their medical, social, vocational & materials needs. Referrals and other provisions are given based on the assessment. All women receive a personal profile and a cv at the end of their stay at Bonne Esperance. The shelter has 40 beds. Women are from countries such as Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia and Zimbabwe The services that Bonne Esperance offer include: -Shelter for women and children (including food, welcome packs, toiletries and clothing) -Needs assessment -Training & workshops for women (monthly) -Schooling (crèche) and school needs for refugee children -Women’s empowerment programme (parenting, hygiene, reproductive health, healing of memories) -Women and children are allowed to stay for up to 6 months at Bonne Esperance. 4 Lower Ottery Road, Philippi, Cape Town, 7750 Republic of South Africa

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