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Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in SA
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Erika Basson 0123333130
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The Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in SA is a non-profit, public benefit organisation that focuses on changing the lives of children and adults with hearing disabilities by embracing 2 main projects. We offer financial assistance for unprivileged deaf children with bursaries to attend school and receive speech- and language therapy. We also assist with financial support via fundraising for children and adults in need of cochlear implants. The Foundation makes a difference by raising funds for both children and adults with limited financial means.Our vision was given in 1992. The Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in Southern Africa was established 4 years later with the mission to act as a change agent for children with a hearing loss internationally. The Foundation developed Eduplex in Pretoria. Eduplex consists of a Pre-, Primary- and High School as well as a Training Institute (ETI). ETI offers practical online courses in the inclusion of deaf children in a mainstream school for parents and professionals (teachers, speech-language therapists, audiologists, etc.) from around the world. At Eduplex deaf children learn alongside their normal hearing friends – without sign language. Here they acquire spoken language to enable them to ultimately reach their full potential, becoming independent members of society. This is only possible by including deaf children in a mainstream school like Eduplex, with the necessary support, and optimum use of modern technology like hearing aids and cochlear implants. We believe in quality life for all,no matter your age. If you have access to sound you have quality life, ways of communication, security, part of society, independent future and employment - and best of all, you can in return make a difference in this life. We see miracles every day with the gift of hearing....

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