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Thanda Bantu Community Care Centre Not Available
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Coen 011 056 8954
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WHAT WE ARE ABOUT: Thandabantu are situated in Geduld Springs and our main objective is to provide assistance to those that are really in need in our immediate community: The Homeless The poor HIV/AIDS infected people Abandoned children Elderly Our first priority is to provide a plate of warm food on a regular base to those that are in need. We do have thirty children that we assist with food as it is possible for us. We accommodate 15 people on our premises, one elderly blind lady, and also HIV infected victims. We also provide to those that knock on our door for assistance with food. In order to make this happen we do assistance from the public and businesses even though that we are a registered Non Profit Organisation ( NPO 113-043 ) we do not receive any funding from the Government. It is people like you that will make this happen. OUR GOAL: Poverty relief in our immediate community, providing a cooked meal on a regular base. Accommodate the homeless and the elderly - we are in the process of renting additional housing. Equip people to become active members of society eg. Personal enrichment, skills development etc. To educate, council and support HIV/AIDS victims. Educate the society regarding substance - and women abuse.

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