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Sisanda FunDaytion
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Athini 0217621973
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Sisanda FunDaytion is a non-profit organisation working with volunteers to influence the lives of disadvantaged children in South Africa through recreation and fun. Our Vision A world in which all children can experience the joy of being children. Our Mission 1. To provide vulnerable children opportunities, through recreation, to learn, laugh, be inspired and connect with others in situations that are ordinarily inaccessible to them. 2. To offer adults from diverse backgrounds fun and accessible volunteer experiences that encourage active citizenship. Our Values Fun - We believe fun and enjoyment are catalysts to an open mind and an open heart. Recreation - and play: We believe in the importance of play and recreation for healthy, holistic development of the mind, body and soul. Putting what you learn in school into practice in the real world can help to develop an adaptable, resilient and creative individual. Active citizenship - We believe that everyone can make a contribution and we aim to show the joy of this and remove the barriers to this. Opportunity - We believe that hopes and dreams for the future come from exposure to what is out there and what is possible. With these different opportunities a spark can be ignited and can create a drive to invest in life now! Togetherness - and social confidence: We believe that a better future for SA lies in the ability for people to understand each other, respect each other, see the similarities, appreciate the differences and feel comfortable with interaction. Shared learning - We believe we can all learn from each other and with each other. The impact is more likely to be long lasting.

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