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African Diaspora Hope
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27822226370 27114341838
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African Diaspora Hope (ADHOPE) is a well established multi-discipline non governmental organization (NGO) which cares for the fast growing African national population including foreign nationals living in South Africa. ADHOPE started in 2008 with the aim of supporting all African nationals including African foreign nationals living in South Africa. ADHOPE was formed due to a variety of factors, including lack of opportunities, barrier of communication, poor access to health facilities and other cultural issues for the vast majority of African foreign nationals living in the marginalised economy and survive largely by means of informal trading and family remittances in conditions of perpetual dependency and abject poverty. Initially the objective was to focus on HIV/AIDS and empowerment as there is very little support for African foreign nationals living in South Africa. This support includes counselling, home visit, children and orphan support, education, foods distribution and material necessities. Many families are unable to find jobs and are in desperate need of assistance. As our projects have grown we have come to better understand the needs of the African community and in this regard our focus has also widened to include other types of support e.g.: Education to local laws to help enable a person to gain suitable employment or even starting their own small business.

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