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His Way Outreach Not Available
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Jaqui Kulik 0799073059
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We run a feeding scheme along with two volunteers in the township of Richmond, KZN. We feed between 90 to 150 children everyday Monday to Friday. We are in need of dry foods, juice, fruit, meat, etc... We also have a Creche in the township where we currently look after 16 children. Dry foods, clothing, nappies, fomula, etc... are needed. We also do food parcels to 60 families every week in the township as well as one of the local squatter camps. Here food is always a need as well as blankets, clothing, etc... We target the poorest of the poor. The majority of indivuduals we help are children. We would appreciate any help as we are not a registered organisation and rely soley on donations to run these projects.

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