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Crossroads KZN
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Mahendra Singh 031 566 4509
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Crossroads KZN is a non-profit, Public Benefit Organisation (Section 21) that works with local organisations, government, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and religious organisations to achieve its objectives. We works to alleviate human suffering and restore the individual's dignity by addressing their immediate physical needs while offering meaningful and sustainable solutions to the causes of their plight. These solutions are done in collaboration with government, local communities and other organizations.Our Vision is to to give a voice to those who today suffer from hunger, disease, powerlessness and lack of freedom. And, to not cease such efforts until every such person has access to the basic requirements that restores human dignity to all generations.Our objectives are •To alleviate human suffering and poverty. •To provide the tools necessary to empower individuals to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. •To act as both the catalyst for and agents of change by moving individuals from a relief mentality to one of personal and community responsibility. •To develop and cultivate a generation who defines their faith not only by creeds but through acts of compassionate involvement which result in producing social justice.

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