Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Give Back?
It is a non-profit, volunteer-driven program that aims to connect people with charity and community organisations.

2. How does Give Back do this?
Everyone is able to access information of charity organisations that are listed on the site.
Everyone is able to post charity-related messages and requests on the Message Board.

3. Do I have to pay for this service?
No. Give Back is and will always be free.

4. How can I give back?
There are many charity and community organisations in South Africa who are looking for assistance.
If you want to volunteer in your neighbourhood, post a message to the Message Board.
If you have kid's toys to give away, post a message to the Message Board.
If you want to donate money to a charity, post a message to the Message Board.
If you have books or blankets to donate, post a message to the Message Board.
If you want to teach in your spare time, post a message to the Message Board.
In short, you can make a difference. Something big or something small, that's all.

5. I know about a charity that does not appear on the site. How can I get it listed on the site?
Click on Submit Charity on the menu above. Fill in the details of the organisation and submit.
The charity will be sent an email, requesting confirmation before it is added to the site.

6. Can religious organisations be submitted and listed on this site?
Yes, they can be listed on the site. The only requirement is that the religious organisation must do charitable work.

7. How can I contribute towards Give Back?
It is easy. Sign up for our Newsletter and see if you can help people get in contact with charities or even help the charities themselves.
You can also like us on Facebook to raise awareness.

8. How can I contact Give Back??
Give Back does not deal directly with any organisations. But you can click on Comment on the menu above to leave a message for Give Back.

Know any organisations in ... ?

Are they community or charity organisations?
Get them listed on Give Back, free of charge.

And if you know of any other organisations in other areas besides which aim at improving society, you can get them listed as well.
Click on the link below to submit their details.

Act today. Give Back. Submit a Charity.